Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas is a-coming

Sorting out the attic I came across some of our gloves that I'd thought had sold out. A few left, made for us by fourth generation glove makers who also supplied Barry Sheene (see page 86 of Benzina #6) and the UK's armed forces - in fact the black and tan officers' glove are identical to those seen on military parade grounds. Supersoft leather not only makes them comfy and warm, but remarkably sensitive; perfect around gloves for the discerning signore. The driving gloves are even nicer, and actually make great cycling mitts if you can bring yourself to chop off the fingertips, but not really up to motocycle use, although that doesn't seem to trouble the young lady above. Make a great present for the man who has (nearly) everything; I mean the gloves, not the young lady...Discover more by clicking here.

As would a bundle of Benzina one to four; we actually had more of these printed than later editions (#7 is all but gone, and #10 isn't far behind); so as a special offer all four of 1 to 4 posted to a UK address are just £25, or for a bit more we will of course post to the US/rest of the world or Europe. Merry Christmas!

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