Saturday, 1 December 2012

California sunshine in the UK

Corsa Italiana had one of the new Guzzi California's on show today - this is Benzina subscriber Dave Brown trying it for size. He has a lovely 1970s T3 Cali and we'll try and set up a Jimmy Saville style test (as in now/then, now/then) in the Spring. In the meantime even cynical old testers are coming back from the launch in Cannes highly impressed with the big Guzzi. Building on the success of the V7 and Griso, it finally looks like Guzzi are back from the brink, and doing what they do best. Hopefully the new 1400cc engine can find its way into a Griso.

In the meantime an original "loop-frame" California is below; these were styled in Italy, and painted black and white for export to US police departments. Demand was such that Guzzi offered a "Police Model" for general sale, soon dubbed California. The new Cali really was designed in California, which tells you who Piaggio (Guzzi's owner) are expecting (hoping?) to buy it.

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