Thursday, 8 November 2012

better to have loved and lost

After much heart-searching, I have decided that benzina #10 will be the final issue, for now at least.

The reasons for the decision are many: subscription numbers don't really add up, and huge increases in postal costs haven't helped with attempts at making even a modest profit. But mainly it's the time it steals from family, book writing (which does pay) and actually riding. I spent most of a week in Italy chasing stories by racking up miles in a rental car on the Autostrada, when I'd rather have been riding along the coast roads. That was when I started wondering about the future, because producing the magazine feels less and less about riding and getting scoops, and more about chasing (admittedly unpaid!) contributors, checking grammar and dealing with the logistics of production and distribution. In essence I wasn't looking forward to sitting down at the computer to get issue 11 rolling. Without enthusiasm there cannot be the sort of magazine people would want to buy or contribute to, so I'd rather go out on a high - which I hope issue 10 was.

So thank you for your support and hopefully you've enjoyed the ride. Highlights for me have been talking to heroes like Cook Neilson, Pat Slinn, Keith Martin and Giancarlo Morbidelli, and access to places like the Guzzi factory. And the very kind support from subscribers especially; very much appreciated.

And please tell people that back issues are still available - who knows, if they sell out perhaps benzina will return

best wishes


Subscriptions will be refunded pro-rata over the next 7-10 days; sorry, it takes forever in Paypal if the payment's made over 60 days ago. And there doesn't seem to be a way with Paypal to refund payments made by credit cards, so it will have to be by cheque, as with those who have paid by cheque or cash. Any concerns, please get in touch


  1. Congratulations on all ten issues. I am sorry that there will not be more, but I don't want any more if the project confuses or diminishes your life. We all have to figure out how to spend our most precious comodity…time. You sound like you have made a very wise choice. If you ever need a vacation in the sun, send me a note.


  2. now it's time to come here to the states and visit us all! Start on the east coast,visit Barber,then make your way west to Ojai and the first bottle of Brunello di Montipuciano is on me!
    Loved every issue and wish you the best..
    Pro Italia

  3. I've got my issues of Benzina safely in box together with those other magazines I'll always keep and which will never lose their relevance. Be proud of what you created and good luck to whatever next.

  4. Greg

    I am really sorry to hear of your decision to stop publishing Benzina but fully understand the reasons.
    Benzina like the bikes covered within it are a passion, if the passion has diminshed then it is probably best to move on whilst still in one piece.
    Good luck for the future and thanks very much for the refund, I have been stitched up in situations like this in the past.
    I will order all of the back issues that I need shortly.
    Many Thanks for a short running but great mag.

    Regards Barrie

  5. Hy Greg, so sorry and ... a huge loss that there will be no further benzina and Italian bikes from you. Was a great magazine and I am really happy having all 10 of them. I still go through them from time to time reading again and again. But nevertheless look forward on your own precious time & life and if you decide on a new project in the future - always welcome - as well here in South Germany - there is always a hot coffee & a whisky & a good cigar for you.
    Guenter from Oxygen Customs in SouthGermany