Thursday, 6 September 2012

This is tomorrow calling

Now this is more like it - a cool bike that could be bargain transport and great to ride. Judging from the comments and emails folk do care about attracting new blood into motorcycling and maybe even having an extra bike themselves that's cheap and easy transport - a two wheel Fiat 500 if you will. This 600cc Honda single based-bike was built in the US for actress Kara Thrace (below) and dubbed KT600 (see what they did there? Clearly they'd run out of originality by the time they got to the name). Trumpet Sprint back end, Kwak ZX6 front. Easy. Done.

The style would work with a much smaller engine, but for most of us a 400-600cc single looks perfect. And it wouldn't be intimidating - moving a lady-friend's Suzy 650 four, I couldn't believe how heavy it was. Certainly didn't feel like a starter bike, or even fun away from fast open roads. Which isn't exactly where you want newbies, wondering if 130mph+ is actually what they got into biking for.

So this is (I think) tomorrow calling*, and I hope the manufacturers are listening. (*title nicked from one of Mr Ferry's finest moments - vid is below...)

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  1. Or one of these from good old Blighty!