Sunday, 2 September 2012

Thank you and goodnight

The final Teas and Cakes of 2012 saw bright sunshine and twenty-odd bikes on the drive. All but one of the visitors were on Italian motorcycles ranging from a near-new MV Agusta Brutale and a Benelli Tre, back to a 1950s Guzzi Falcone. But no - not one - Ducatis. "All on sorn, with owners talking about what they're worth" said a Guzzi-riding wag. More to the point some of the crowd had a Ductai at home but chose top ride something "more interesting". Hmmm. Back in the 1970s interesting people chose to ride Ducatis, and maybe now Ducati's a big-shot global brand interesting people choose to ride something else. Who knows...

Anyway, back to the preparation of  Benzina issues 10, out late September. Yes, late again: sorry

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  1. Some will be at the Northern Ducati Rally. Some can't be arsed with the current chageable weather. For some it's just too far. But if your Guzzi chap wants to borrow a copy of the latest issue of Vintage Tractors there's a heck of a centre spread.