Saturday, 9 June 2012

Whatever happened to Steve Wynne?

I've been chatting to Steve Wynne, trying to get the definitive low-down on the Hailwood-Sports Motorcycle years. As the years pass the story becomes murkier, and I'd love to get the definitive version. Sadly the years don't just pass - as well as the loss of Mike Hailwood, Roger Nicholls and Giorgio Nepoti have also passed away, and Giuliano Pedretti seems to have vanished. Anyway, the list of folk who helped Steve is long and distinguished (it even includes Cook Neilson) but of course it was orchestrated by Steve under the banner of his Sports Motorcycles dealership. Unsurprisingly that is still a powerful brand, so little wonder that Steve has relaunched it from his adopted homeland, New Zealand, with a friend who used to do his engineering and machining when Steve ran race teams that included Foggy and Ron Haslam. Glyn Robinson, formerly of Gleave Engineering, does the machining of everything from footrests to TT2 frames plus there's stuff like the iconic tee shirts the team wore (below - hang on, why am I advertising other people's tee shirts? Oh, well... you can see a pic of Steve wearing one at the 1978TT in issue 5 of  Benzina

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