Friday, 1 June 2012

Bank Holiday Grey vs Tea and Cakes

Funny how many people greeted Dr Girlie Nice-Smile with, "You're the cake lady" at Stafford: but this weekend that's definitely the talent she'll be using most. Inevitably we've a street party for Jubilee Tuesday and of course this Saturday, despite the grey and damp skies, we're open for Teas and Cakes from 2pm - just email via the Benzina website for directions and an invite. Actually the local weather forecast has Saturday down as the best of the four day holiday, so it may be your only chance for a ride.

Talking of which I'm looking for a modern daily rider that's a bit more laid back than the Paso. I was smitten by the V7 Guzzi I rode on my personal mini-Giro in Italy last year (more on riding the old Circuito del Lario in issue 9 of Benzina - out mid June) but do wonder if the lack of power might be an issue long term. Any dealers want to offer a three month test ride to help convince me to buy ( a second-hand) one, please give me a call. Well, if you don't ask...

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  1. I would love to go on a holiday with all my best freinds !!