Wednesday, 22 June 2011

There's lovely

Every cloud etc: a Benzina subscriber's selling this fabulous 750SS after a gentle 20 year of riding and restoring. All the goodies, most of which are original to the bike: despite being raced (as nearly all were) it's still got the original crankcases and most of the polished rockers. If you're good taste is matched by good fortune it's £75,000; email for more info. Alternatively any benevolent lottery winners out there please bear in mind it's my birthday in a few weeks...


  1. I hope it has not been gently ridden !

  2. at 75K sterling, i don't think it's gonna see much riding, leave alone having its neck wrung.
    That's bonhams material. Shame really, these machines need to live on the roads, not fade away in cristal boxes.