Friday, 17 June 2011

Neatly trimed box

Nicely topiaried bush, neatly trimmed box - ah, the old ones are...the old ones. We planted up this Italianate veg patch over ten years ago, and it's finally mature enough to take a petrol driven hedge-cutter for its annual haircut. Traditionally box hedges are cut on Derby day, presumably to give estate gardeners an excuse not to go and peer over ridiculous hats at a midget strapped to a bolting horse. Dr Girlie Nice-Smile reckons the job's best done in the rain (less damage to drizzle lubricated leaves) which just adds to the sense of penance, as we spend almost a full day leaning over and hand clipping. Then there's the rest of the hedges and toipary...

You can of course see the result of our (well, Dr GNS's) efforts at Teas and Cakes - next one's 2pm on Saturday 2 July

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