Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sexy, single - and expensive

Yes, it's a genuine Ducati Supermono (these days worth around sixty grand) and yes, it had been ridden to this meeting, and just parked up. So of course you've got to love it - people get so precious about their "investment" in a bike, forgetting it was designed and built to be ridden. Ducati were apparently so impressed with the quality of the conversion from pure-racer to pukka-roadster that there was even brief talk of doing a kit. But if you have a Supermono and want to ride it on the road, I'm sure I can track the owner down. Don't have a Supermono? There is (of course) one for sale with Made in Italy Motorcycles

1 comment:

  1. Can't be a real Supermono, can it? Take a closer look. 67 of them made, racing only, exhaust out the other side, 3 spoke wheels, etc etc. But, there are places who make replicas, with the Strata / street name in the title.