Saturday, 29 May 2010

Six at the TT

(Since posting this I've discovered the photo was mis-labellled _ it's 1979!)
Another wet June in the offing - must be time for the TT. Here's hoping everyone who goes gets home safely, and that we get some vintage racing.

 Of course there's the Hailwood-will-never-be-bettered brigade, and certainly his 1978 drubbing of Ready and Honda still brings a tear to many an old codgers eye. Was that the most famous TT of all time? If it was, how come no-one remembers this - Joey Dunlop racing a Benelli Sei through Bungalow in the very same race. He wasn’t the first the race a Sei at the TT either. Keith Martin raced a Sei on the Island for UK importers Agrati in 1975, with six magnificent megaphones one of the few swops from standard. Otherwise, like Dunlop’s bike, the only big changes were the tank, seat and fairing.

Sadly Dunlop only managed two laps before his Sei snapped. But he made amends in the F2 race, bringing home the 500 Quattro in fifth. Right behind him was Pete Davis on a Laverda Alpino, the pair the only non-Hondas to finish the race. Not a lot of people know that.

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