Friday, 8 October 2010

Devil in the details

The first time I saw the Monster chop here, I didn't know what to make of it. Very clever, some amazing details but would I want one? No: I love the Monster, and having owned loads of them I now reckon the simplest (ie the aircooled ones) were best. Sure they needed some tidying up (I hated the early rear mudguard, and the pillion footrest hangers), but less is more - so take them off. The Monster's a good old fashioned motorbike for sunshine cruising or chasing surprised sportsbikes owners off your home turf. It didn't (I think) need watercooling, let alone chopperising.

But I see Ducati disagree - the new Diavel has been leaked in advance of its Milan-show debut by Italian website Motoblog, and it's hideous. Or is it just me? But then I wouldn't want anything to do with the new Ducati his'n'hers smellies either. Splash it all over? No thanks; now can I have my favourite motorcycle company back, please?

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