Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sammy Miller's Italian Day. Wet, wet, wet...

A few hardy souls brought some lovely bikes - the immaculate Mike Hailwood Replica astoundingly failed to win a prize despite being ridden on a 400 mile trip to attend (well done Robert!) in fairly miserable weather. We had the very bike (thank you Rob!) that features on the cover of Ducati and the TT on the stand along with Pat Slinn happily signing copies.

The organisers felt that awarding the £50 I donated as a prize for best racing motorcycle to the bike on my stand was a bit partisan, so awareded it to a stunning Moto Rumi that the owner had brought along with another Rumi and a Maserati, trailered from East Sussex in the rain. No doubt the £50 will go on cleaning products...


  1. No picture of my 1400 Cali - Honestly Greg!! :))

    Dave Brown

    1. Didn't spot it! Probably hidden behind a bigger bike... Or you might have left before I had a chance to get out