Sunday, 31 May 2015

I've got the music in me - but the Laverda SFC is long gone

Had a fine time at the Concert at the King’s in All Cannings yesterday, the village I grew up in in the 1970s. This is the fourth year it's been organised by Andy Scott of the Sweet, who lives in the village, to raise funds for cancer charities after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The village was very different back when I was a boy with four working farms, and the only time I was allowed in the pub was to top up my Grandmother’s plastic sherry barrel. But I still live nearby, and love this part of the world. The older lads in the village gave me a taste for the motorbikes of the era, and one of their crew now edits Classic Bike. But the guy who really lit my fire was Bob Hill when he bought a Laverda SFC - for European touring. Sadly it's long gone, first replaced by a more lady friend-friendly Guzzi T3. Bob's still got a bike nand the same wife who travelled on theT3, so you have to say he made the right call. The story of his SFC and my epiphany was in Benzina #1  

Anyway, eclectic line up included the Animals, Lindisfarne, Howards Jones, Sweet (of course) and a magnificent set by Squeeze. All introduced by Johnnie Walker, and supported by newcomers. Tons of food options, well organised bars (with a special Concert real ale by Wadworth's) and a great atmosphere. Even the car parking was something most race organisers could learn from. And sorry the puc of Squeeze is rubbish, but it was dark, and very crowded down at the front


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