Thursday 16 April 2015

Back in the room at last: with a new book, Ducati and the TT

And we’re back… where from? A year of research, commissioning and scribbling about three of my favourite things: Ducati, history and the TT. The result is a new book, Ducati and the TT; two legends, one story out on the 28th May.

Ducati and the Isle of Man TT; two legends certainly, but one story? Yet consider that back in the mid 1970s both Ducati and the TT were thought by many to be living on past glories and unable to survive the rise of the Japanese motorcycle industry and the new found glamour of Grand Prix racing. Despite this Ducati and the TT persevered and, despite both almost disappearing, started growing again largely thanks to the effort of a team convinced that they could win a TT with a Ducati.

 This is a glorious Limited Edition, large format hardback (240 pages, 280mm x 240mm / 11"x9.25") with many previously unseen and specially commissioned photographs, plus many by renowned photographer Phil Aynsley. Interviews with Steve Wynne and members of his team, together with others who raced or were involved with Ducati and the TT bring many untold stories to life.


 This historic reference starts with the surprising facts that the first Isle of Man TT races were for cars, and that Ducati had been in business for over 20 years before they built their first motorcycle. Yet now they are both inextricably associated with motorcycle racing and have built histories that regularly crossed paths, bringing four World Championships to Ducati. This, then, is the history of both these wonderful icons of motorcycling and how their worlds collided. It also tells in full for the first time how Mike Hailwood returned to motorcycle racing in Australia before attempting his TT comeback, along with new insights into the motorcycles he raced and the people he inspired.

The book then builds to a tell of a time when almost nobody, bar a few good men led by Steve Wynne, believed Ducati could rise to the pinnacle of motorsport back in the mid 1970s. The glorious achievements of the Sports Motorcycle team and Mike Hailwood in 1978, and their subsequent frustrating attempt to regain that glory, are the climax of this book that brings fresh perspective and insight into a tale many think they know, despite few appreciating the fascinating truth..

 Finally there is a "where are they now" appendix, telling where what happened to the most important bikes and riders, along with a table of Ducati's achievements at the TT.


 You can pre-order here. All copies will be signed and dedicated as requested. Fed up with the pittance paid by mainstream publishers (because retailers race to the bottom price on Amazon) I’m self publishing this one (although the money involved would buy a very nice bike), so although it’s pricey I think the quality, originality, design and size make it worth it. And at least I can promise you won’t buy it more cheaply elsewhere


  1. Fantastic effort Greg, to pull all this information together
    I am so forward to reading your latest book thanks again.

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  3. Hi Patrick - yes, Big Cartel's not that intuitive - click on "cart" on the left of the page, choose your country from the drop down menu and it'll take you to payment. And thanks for buying! BR Greg

    1. Thanks Ben - I am now totally confused - I am sure I bought it but I have had no email and PP doesn;t show a transaction. I am sure I did the checkout correctly. Have you got an order from me ?

    2. Hi Patrick - sorry, no you've not bought it - yet! Just click on the image of the book, then on cart (on the left of the screen); select country then "checkout now" which'll take you to paypal. Or email me - - with your delivery country and I'll send a PayPal invoice. And thanks for persevering! Greg

  4. Yes you have my attention once again, good job I say.
    CA6 5RT

  5. Is this the signed and numbered copy?