Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Following in Fabio Taglioni's footsteps

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End of a wet Bank Holiday Monday at the Classic TT/Manx: with racing cancelled Pat Slinn and I go looking for TT course landmarks. One of which was this well known pic of Dr T watching Dave Chadwick fly past on his Ducati 125GP in 1958. We know the race was held on the Clypse -rather than the Mountain - course, and figured Taglioni and his spanner man wouldn't have moved far from the Grandstand on Glencluthery Road. So off we set...
Initially we struggled, but then realised a 1970s extension over a new garage had led to the gateway Dr T's standing being blocked up with a new driveway created on the other side of the house; those huge hedges didn't help us either, but the chimneys are the giveaway. So here I am proudly standing in Fabio Taglioni's footsteps. The other pic is of the bungalow clearly visible in the original photo but now hidden behind a hedge. Maybe I'm just a feeble old anorak, but Pat had his photo taken in the same spot, so at least that makes two of us


  1. there should be a blue plaque to mark that spot

  2. There certainly should (for followers outside theUK these plaques mark historically important spots with a brief comment)