Monday, 4 August 2014

More Ducati Scrambler weirdness

Plasticine  models? Stop motion videos? Ducati have gone all Tony Hart and Vision On to publicise the new Scrambler, but there is a nice story behind it. Apparently the original Scrambler was launched in 1968 with Ducati employees who were a real life couple hamming it up for (to my mind) Ducati's best ever advertising campaign. The original guy and gal were Franco and Elvira - he was working at Ducati as a test rider and she – "easily as beautiful as any professional model" according to Ducati's blurb – was working in administration.

These lovebirds - though Ducati call them plasticine protagonists - are reimagined as bringing the Scrambler to the present day via a bonkers time travelling storyline that has Franco as a man from 2078 being catapulted back to the Woodstock festival of August 1969, where he meets and falls in love with both Scrambler Ducati and Elvira. They joyously elope on the bike, yet before the two can even kiss the time machine hurls them forwards to the present day, to 2014. Franco and Elvira find themselves directly in front of the fabulous “yellow container” - first visited by Ducati employees and then the enthusiasts who flocked to WDW 2014 - from which they exit astride the new Scrambler Ducati. As I said -bonkers.

You can follow episode 1 here then episode 2 here nad finally episode 3 here


  1. Elvira worked in the export sales department.

  2. Fantastic insight Pat - thank you

  3. Thanks Greg & Pat for the great story - Al Harper