Monday, 3 June 2013

Kawasaki Z1A, Laverda Jota and the Air Ambulance

Don't Panic - it's not what you think. Saturday's
Teas and Cakes was overflow by the Wiltshire Air Ambulance - spooky; after all we only raised £33, so it can't have been the money. Truth is, it passes by regularly on the way south avoiding the military fly-zone of Salisbury Plain. Should have pooped in - Neil's lovely Z1A had even the Italophile's admiring it, and parked next to Jack's Jota it really did highlight two approaches to selling big, fast motorcycles. And once again the Morinis outnumbered everything: Chris's Sport was lovely, but frankly even Dr Girlie Nice-Smile liked Howard's Ducat 750GT best. Ridden a round trip of nearly 400 miles just to drop by and see us, it is a thing of beauty. Only wish I'd bought one when they were three grand. And if you need spares or extras Howard doesn't just ride Ducatis - he's also behind Disco Volante and Widecase, the eponymous Ducati singles’ site .

Enjoy the pix - next event is 6 July, just a £3 donation to the Air Ambulance getting you homemade tea and cakes, a chance to natter with like minded souls and a fine ride through Wiltshire countryside.




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