Monday, 20 May 2013

Controvery at Donington? Meet the real Ducati TT2 and TT1

The Ducati TT2/TT1 symposium planned for the Donington Park classic event over the weekend of 9th-11th August is shaping up nicely. Based on the TT symposium that's run in the US for several years (below) there should be plenty of controversy - like does Tony Rutter's TT1 (above at the TT) exist anymore? Tony had a nasty crash at Montjuic Park (probably on a blown-up GSX-R's oil, which explains the occasional claim he was riding a Suzuki: it's in some photos of the crash.) and the TT1 was destroyed: Tony was left in a coma for several days, with the oft-maligned Vernon Cooper part of the beside vigil in Barcelona. Post-crash photos show the TT1's frame in two, and all the magnesium cases and suspension melted by the ensuing fire. But then how often do you have to replace an axe's head and shaft before it stops being your axe? As Paul Simon wrote, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest
The TT2 was Taglioni's swansong, and reflected his distrust of complexities like 4-valve heads and liquid cooling. Once the Castiglionis had Massimo Bordi in the big chair (and thanks to Reno Leoni working out how to stoke a Pantah to 748CC) the TT1 became the prototype Ducati Superbike, with rising rate rear suspension and super trick front forks, courtesy of Cagiva's 500GP racer. From then on 4-valve heads and a liquid cooling were only a matter of time, along with the legendary 851cc capacity. So that makes the TT2/TT1, rather than the bevel twin, the real genesis of Ducati's domination of superbike racing and that fantastic T-shirt with the Cagiva elephant and the Sumo wrestler...
 More on the event below
The  9th 10th and 11th August 2013  will be the dates for the first ever TT2 Symposium to be held in the UK with people coming from as far afield as Australia to view and show these wonderful bikes. We have a dedicated area where we shall have The Italian Village where these classic bikes will be displayed in all their glory, we are also anticipating having an area where one can sell and buy spares etc for their bikes.

It is being held at Castle Donington in conjunction with the CRMC.....It is possible to buy weekend passes and there are excellent secure camping facilities available. £40 will get you 2 adult passes, 1 camping space and the facility to display your bike. Should you wish to book please mail your interest to If camping doesn’t appeal there are many hotels and B&Bs in the area and I suggest you look at

Should you wish to enter your bike for an event please visit the CRMC site to down loads the regs etc. However there will be an opportunity in the early evenings to parade the bike around the track ( not a race I stress !) For any further information please contact Roy Thersby on 01642 612784

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