Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Real Thing - Ducati TT2 for sale


Genuine TT2, a privately campaigned bike in the same ownership last 18 years. All the right bits like forks, rear calliper carrier and lovely NCR stampings. No frame number – seems it has never left Italy until now. Engine numbers known, but was upgraded to TT1 spec many years ago with 650 crankcases, and the Rino Leoni developed trick of stroking to 748cc. 41.5mm carbs. Was last paraded in 2012. Perfect for parading at the TT1/2 symposium 9-11 August at this year's 

Good value at £30,000 when Santamonicas are making over £20k and especially considering what the TT2 from the Ducati museum made last year. Tempted? Me too. If you have the money and the taste get in touch with Made in Italy Motorcycles

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