Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Less is More. Plus some heresy...

Thanks to Benzina supporter Shaun Power Design for the first two pix; I'm no fan of obsessive adherence to originality, but sometimes it's better than trying too hard. The gold heat shield on the 900SS, the unexplained crotch chain, the... No, none of my business. But if you spot me looking like this take the humiliating snap and then throw rocks. Please.

And as for the Guzzi; at least it's just a V65 and the sheer effort is admirable... but is that a look? And no excuse for the lights. Look like he pinched them from a stairwell in a high rise car park. If you must there's more if you click here.
Surely less is nearly always more, and to stick my head further over the parapet, further heresy by suggesting the Honda at the bottom of this post proves the point. Bobbed mudguards, flat 'bars, and a truncated seat. Nice eye for detail and proportion: if you can achieve this on a Honda G5, what could the builder do with a better canvas? So I'll forgive the finned engine covers because I had some on a 400/4. It was the 1970s...

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  1. it's obviously down to the number of brain cells applied to the job - on the honda - millions, on the guzzi - just the only one there was!