Saturday, 21 July 2012

Moto Guzzi 125 Tuttoterreno for sale

These are rare in the UK - basically half the Benelli 2C, also offered as the Benelli 125 Trail. But I'm never going to get round to fixing it so it's for sale on eBay right now.

This does have an MG (Moto Guzzi) frame and engine number. Probably a 1974 build. Has been stored inside, turns over, all seems to work except it will not start despite ultrasonically cleaning the carburettor. My own bout of foolishness, bought in a moment of eBay madness last year. The Italian seller (so never registered) promised everything but the (missing) indicators worked. He lied - carb was so gunked up the float bowl took ages to remove and although there's a healthy spark the plug's clearly never seen a working combustion chamber. Gasket goo around the crankcases hints at past entry, but there is compression and the original exhaust (toughest part of old trailies to source) seems fine apart from the dreadful paintwork. Front tyre has a slow puncture and the instruments are missing. Was intended to be a project for the magazine but now I've got a book to write as well as Benzina so it has to go. Also advertised at

Viewing or extra photos no problem - will upload more asap but our rubbish rural broadband likes to take its time. No reserve, cash on collection only please. If you want to register it with the DVLA I can provide the required dating certificate for £20, although it will need retoring to at least MOT standard first!

And once it's gone I will get a Guzzi that runs. Strangely torn between a Guzzino, a V850GT and a Griso 1100 (to avoid the wear problems on the 8-valvers). Spoilt for chice or indecisive? Oh, I don't know...

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