Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hailwood in waiting

This is just one of the ad-and-padding free pages of Benzina #007, out soon - it shows Mike Hailwood racing at Bathurst on a TZ750 in early 1978. This would have been every bit as daunting as racing a Ducati 900 on the Isle of Man as he would a few months later, and great preparation for what us parochial Brits like to think of as his "comeback." The other pic was taken by a press photographer for a defunct newspaper: we'd love to be able to credit the guy, but haven't been able to discover his identity, especially since this is the only pic we've ever seen of Mike wheelieing. In fact it's the only pic I've seen of a Ducati 750SS being wheelied...and yet...

In fact it's not Mike, although that's how the pic was sold and credited. The snapper wanted the shot, but Mike just handed his helmet to co-rider Jim Scaysbrook whose motocross expertise allowed him to effortlessly hoist the bevel twin skyward. More (and more photos) in the hardcopy.

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