Sunday, 7 August 2011

Original and best

A pair of Ducati 175s arrived at Saturday's Teas and Cakes ridden by a brace of Mikes. They were ridden separately for much of the almost 200 mile round trip, but still had enough power to keep up with modern traffic on all but the A303. Proof you can ride them, rather than hide them.

My fave was the wonderfully patinated unrestored bike (top, and on the left in the bottom pic): proof that restoration is justified a lot less often than Magpie collectors insist on, and making the bike a fantastic reference point for anything that does justify restoration. Even the original dealer "sticker" is still riveted to the front number plate. Just perfect: and in fairness the second 175, it was restored to ensure it finished the 200r Motogiro, which it did in style. A big thanks to Mikes 1 and 2 for bringing them along.

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