Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Spa treatment Part II

Dreams can come true: Team Guzzi Nerd came 18th in last weekend's Spa 4 hour race, despite this being their first visit to the circuit. They were first Guzzi home too. They weren't even certain they had an entry until they signed on, which is bloody heroic when you built the racer yourself and travelled from LA. Yes, Los Angeles USA.

Madman behind this is Andrew Gray, an English born designer plying his trade Stateside. He's been a good friend of Benzina magazine, helping raise sales and profile on the West Coast and I only wish I could have been at Spa to be part of what is becoming one of the greatest races in the world: full details of last year's nailbiting race was in issue #2 of Benzina. Interviewing old time racer Keith Martin a few weeks back (another lovely bloke, but clearly barking because he was not only mad enough to race a Kawasaki 500 triple at the TT - he won on it to boot) Keith told me he considers there have only been three real circuits: the IOM, Spa and the (defunct) Nurburgring. And he should know, because he's had success on the lot, and Spa was even more ball-breaking back then


  1. Nicely used Guzzi spotted in Crouch End, London the other day...

  2. Your comment wouldn't be a shameless plug would it?? :)

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