Friday, 8 April 2011

Wifey has insisted I scarify the lawn, which takes half a day followed by the same collecting the mess. Except the ride-on mower tore its inner tube (I hadn't noticed the tyre was going flat - damn thorns) so I've spent most of this week with tyre irons and such. Which means I haven't even started the bikes, let alone ridden them. Pathetic. And taunting by fellow Benzinista doesn't help - this from Ian B:

"After the hottest day of the year I just had to go for a blast after work. And with weather more associated with Tuscany than Wiltshire what did I throw a leg over? The Kawasaki…Well at Benzina we are a broad church, or at least I am. Greg has probably spat Chianti over his Gucci loafers reading this.

Anyway, please forgive my sins as I think the red Team Benzina sticker looks rather fetching on a black helmet"

But the good weather's set to continue...into the garage: eeny, meeny, miny, mo...

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