Monday, 14 March 2011

Ducati win at Daytona - 1977 and all that

In scenes reminiscent of Cook Neilson's original 1977 win for Ducati at Daytona, privateer Jason DiSalvo and took the new Ducati 848EVO to victory in this years Daytona 200 - the bike’s first pro road race. In fact, Daytona saw seven 848 entered, the most Ducatis on the 200 grid in over ten years.

“It’s a magical thing and I’m excited to fight for the championship as the season goes on," said DiSalvo.

DiSalvo’s victory has him rubbing shoulders with past Ducati riders like Jimmy Adamo, Doug Polen and Cook. That's something to tell the grandchildren.


  1. Perhaps Ducati will now promote the EVO, instead of the monstrosity the Diavel.

  2. Ballsy, determined and talented: Jason and Latus did us all proud. Helluva thrash. Helluva ride. Helluva bike!

  3. Coming from you Cook that's one hulluva a compliment

    The rest of us can see the final laps here - marvel as the commentry team write Jason off, wince at the last corner crash, then cheer as Ducati win