Thursday, 2 September 2010

Being Giuliano

This is perhaps the definitive Motogiro d'Italia picture, of Giuliano Maoggi and his Ducati 125. In 1955 he won the 125 class of the Milano Taranto for Ducati at their first attempt, and the following year won the giro outright, his 125 being more than a match for other manufactures 175s. If he were a less modest man, Giuliano could tell you he saved Ducati and he’d have a point. I'm lucky enough to have met him, and can report that he’s a charming and very fit octogenarian with a wicked laugh and a twinkle in his eye, still riding the modern Motogiro more quickly than most.

His trademark helmet was designed to let Ducati mechanics spot their riders early, the blue and white rings identifying a 125 rider. Team mates on 100cc bikes used red instead of blue, corporate branding limited to Ducati’s then trademark “D”.

So when I decided I needed a pudding basin helmet there was only one design for me. The lovely people at Davida made it real, and it's just arrived. Not road legal, but nor is most of what happens on the Giro...

More on helmet art and the lovely ladies of Davida advertising, as well as Giuliano's Giro exploits, in Benzina #3. Out late October, you can make sure you get a copy by subscribing here

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  1. Would you have any idea where I might aquire a copy of this poster or print? I n=has been a favorite but very har to find! Thanks!