Sunday, 5 September 2010

Zoë & the Art of Motorcycle Illustration

Chatting to a friend who's a gifted (as in Royal Academy) artist, we decided the real beauty of machines is in the detail. Sure, your head is turned by the voluptuous curves of fuel tanks and fairings, but the thing that keeps you looking (specially on classic Italian motorcycles) is the castings: the close fining of a Laverda triple, the brazed clip-ons of a 50s' racer, and best of all (for me) Ducati engine castings from the Taglioni era.

If you think the same, here's a change from the usual tackiness masquerading as motorcycle art. The work of Zoë Kean, they'll mark you out and a rider of style and keep non-biking visitors guessing about your taste in abstract art. Good value too - £60 unframed for an original charcoal drawing, or you can commission something unique. Get that Christmas list started now...

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